Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 2 Email

Week 2
I just got your email I was so happy to hear from you and to hear how everything is going. I also got your letter and was happy to hear from you. Have you gotten my letter yet? Also judging from the date your letter arrived from when it was written it takes about 4 or 5 days for a letter to travel from there and back. So that is useful to know. 

So what do you want to know about? I didn't bring the letter your wrote to me with me so I don't remember all your questions but I will answer those ones when I write my letter response. How is DJ doing about scripture study right now? 

Also how has the family been I loved hearing how everything was going how did Tanner do in California? Also in response to your idea to start some summer camps I think you are already getting waayyyy to bored if you are thinking of doing that now I mean you just barely graduated. Haha but what kind of summer camps were you thinking? 

Also thank you for sending me that information about the current events. Could you also ask Miranda if she is still in debate to send me info and summaries of what is happening international with a focus on the extemp topics (she will know what I am talking about) I haven't gotten anyone elses letter but yours so far so I am assuming I will get a deluge today. I love getting letters from all of you it brightens my day everyday

Did Savannah never get my letter? I though I had written one to her... I will check for it. But tell her to expect one in that case I will try and write one to you and one to one other member of the family each week. I will try and include more about what the mission is like in the letter it is quite a bit. Also my letter should be coming today or tomorrow then. It is seeming kinda like an Ether mission really. But I am hoping we start making some more progress. We had one person yesterday that was willing to let us come back and teach them more about how the Gospel blesses families so that was really exciting because that is the first return new investigator we have gotten so far so I was excited. But most doors get closed with a "Sorry, we're Roman Catholic" so it is depressing I am thinking I will start asking them if they say that how they like being part of the great and abominable church that persecutes the saints and  fights against the Lamb of God they might at least be willing to listen more then haha

Also please share "The Character of Christ" talk with everyone you know. Ultimately that is the end destination and Faith, Gratitude, Forgiveness, are all nice things but the end goal is to become like and channel the Character of Christ by turning out when others turn in. 

Okay. I love you guys all a ton and miss you so much one of the hardest things about a mission is being able to talk to everyone about how the Gospel can bless families and we can be together forever and not getting to see my own. But I know that Lord is blessing you far beyond anything I could do. Tell all of the kids I love them very much and want to make sure they are doing their personal scripture study each night, and that I know that Jesus is the Christ and a life build upon his foundation cannot ever falter and that there will be no greater joy and happiness that can come into our life than that that comes from being obedient to the Lord and trying to live like Christ. I love you all and miss you all and I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you all a ton. I will write more in the letter and email next week.