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The Weekly Elder Poe Report
This week went really well and has many stories of success. On Monday we had an appointment with one of our investigators and she decided she would like to get baptized it was an amazing experience to be there and see a child of God make those first steps towards returning to him, we have set the date for June 8th the lesson itself went amazing it was about how regular prayer and scripture study can bless and enhance our lives. In addition we got to have a young man come with us and I will say the youth of the Strongsville ward are amazing and so eager and happy to serve and hasten the work it is truly inspiring. During the day we went to the Zoo for P Day and saw monkeys that were awesome.
               Tuesday was another wonderful day but very saddening at the same time. We started by having to go the Verizion store to resolve an issue with one of our phones and well one of my companions was on the phone with customer service I had an excellent conversation with the store employee and managed to leave  a Book of Mormon with him, most of the rest of the day involved stopping by several Less Active members none of whom were home, however we also stopped by a Former Investigator that we didn’t think would be there, but lo and behold we knocked on the door he invited us right in and we had an excellent discussion about Family History work and helped direct him to the Family History Center for the stake. The last part of the day we stopped by a less active member that it just broke my heart to see, he was struggling with keeping his baptismal covenants and him and his wife were having problems and it was so hard to see someone who could get so much joy from receiving the Gospel, we did manage to share an excellent lesson with him about the Importance of the Book of Mormon though and he committed to start reading again which was amazing and one of the best things he can do right now.  The next day I was on exchanges with the district leader which went well we stopped by several less active and potential investigators without managing to get into their homes because they were busy however we did have a wonderful dinner with a single parent member family that has 6 kids, and I was so happy to be in, because everything was so much like home. This was followed by going to teach a lesson with an investigator that already had a baptismal date and we were finishing the lessons with, it was about the Plan of Salvation and it was amazing to see that it wasn’t like we were teaching him something new but rather he was remembering something he had forgotten it was a wonderful lesson and the Spirit was super strong in the room.  Most of the Thursday was then taken up by zone conference however about halfway through one of the Assistants to the President pulled me and my companion out and standing there was the former investigator we had stopped by earlier in the week, it was truly a remarkable thing, because he just happened to be in the area that day and decided he would stop by the Family History Center to check it out on the same exact day we just happened to be at the Stake Center (The Family History Center and Stake Center are in the same building) it truly makes me believe the Lord has prepared this gentleman and his family to receive the Gospel at this time and I am so grateful the Lord has allowed me to be the instrument to do so.  After that unfortunately our dinner appointment had to cancel on us but we then had a wonderful lesson with our investigator from Monday that had a baptismal date about the Word of Wisdom, and although the lesson went well what was even more amazing was, we had a young man with us from the ward that himself had been dealing with some challenges but when he had the opportunity to help teach the lesson it was amazing to see how his testimony was strengthened as well in sharing the Gospel, so the best way to help someone who is struggling with their testimony is to help them have opportunities to share it and spread it.  Friday this week was truly extraordinary we went with an investigator and his member friends to Kirtland for the first time, and some of the experiences that were had while in Kirtland were so amazing that the tounge could not speak them or the hand write them. I will simply say this, although I am a little disappointed that we do not have an opportunity to attended the temple in my mission, Kirtland is the next closest thing. The Spirit that is in some of those rooms in Kirtland is rivaled only by the Spirit I felt in the Temple and in Martin’s Cove, it is profound, I would encourage and exhort all persons with the opportunity to visit Kirtland to avail themselves of that opportunity and to go as often and as much as they can.  After that we had several visits and lessons with some members in the ward that went quite well and showed me how ready this ward is to start to help to build up Kirtland again.
               Saturday we attended a baptism for an investigator in another ward that had been attending ours for a while, and I actually didn’t even get to see the baptism because the room was so packed with members that were turning out to support their new sister. Members are absolutely critical and essential for helping the work move forward, the best missionaries in the world have to leave eventually but the members stay. I would invite everyone to attend every convert baptism that is in their ward which not just helps the new member feel welcomed but helps remind us of our sacred baptismal covenants. After that we spent several hours helping a less active member and her non member farther with some yard work, which I will say felt so good to do even though it was 89 degrees outside and hot as Satan’s armpit it felt so good to be able to help someone. This was followed by visiting a less active brother that we have spent about a month and half trying to get in contact with and we finally got him, and he told us that he believes the Church is true and he prays every night and pretty much follows all of the commandments and he knows he needs to get to church and everything he just needs a little extra oomph, which I have every intention of helping to provide if the Lord wills, and he did commit that night however to start reading his Book of Mormon each night and we set up a return appointment to come back. After that we had a visit with the gentleman from the Family History Center and got to know him and his wife very well, they loved to talk about Utah and how beautiful it was (they went there on several trips) but we did managed to bring the conversation back around to Family History Work and the Spirit of Elijah of how that can bless our lives and we managed to set up a return appointment. Sunday was the truly extraordinary day, we went to Church which went well and I managed to receive some revelation at, but the remarkable part of the day was dinner with a member of the Stake Presidency. We had our investigator with the baptismal date at the dinner as well and he did a wonderful job answering many of her questions, but the truly great part came after. We sat down with him in his office for a minute to discuss a recent convert that had been having some problems that he was good friends with; the conversation then turned to missionary work in this ward and at one time the great Strongsville ward was the highest baptizing ward in the mission without a single missionary there!!! This has made me realize the incredibleness of this ward and how well we can do by working with the members and the Lord. This also helped me realize my commitment to this ward and my responsibility, and I will strive to my utmost and give my hundred percent to serve the ward and people of Strongsville and to rescue my brothers and sisters  from the plains of life and with the Lord’s help I know that the missionaries and members of the Strongsville ward will succeed.

We have been called to serve in the place;
Where Christ our Savior has shown His face.
We know the Words the Lord has proclaimed
“Kirtland will be built up again”
We are in the Ohio Cleveland.
We have prepared since our youth.
And we are in the Ohio Cleveland,
To Bring Ohio His truth
-The Ohio Cleveland Mission Song 3rd Verse

The Report of Elder Hunter D. Poe

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