Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

The Elder Poe Report
 This week was an exciting week and a very powerful lesson in the fact that God always answers prayers and always makes up the difference even when we fall short.
This week most of our appointments canceled on us which was depressing but we still had the opportunity to be instruments in the Lord's hands.
We have a less active member that we have been working with since my 2nd week into the area, and to understand when we first met Robert he admitted to having several different fairly serious challenges as far as going to church was concerned, and he didn't have a really strong desire to go to church, but figured someday he would get into it. Since then he has changed so much, the lessons with him have often been incredibly powerful and the Spirit has been so strong when we have met with him. Since we first met with him almost everything about him has changed he has overcome a lot of the challenges he was having with worthiness and he is moving forward so rapidly. I know the power of the Atonement in not only helping us find forgiveness but also in helping strength us and giving us the power to change who we are is real.
We also had a wonderful opportunity to see the missionary finding effort work in the ideal way, namely through members. There is a wonderful family in the ward, and recently they told us they had a friend that could really use the gospel in his life, and was kind of interested in the church. We set up a time to meet with him, in the member's house and we had an amazing first lesson with him. He is a really great guy, by the name of Kevin, and he seems willing and committed to finding out if the church is true, we also had the members there to teach us with him and they were able to offer amazing testimony of the principles we shared about, and helped him really feel comfortable.
We had one day this week that didn't go so well, most of our appointments canceled on us or flamed us, and we spent a lot of the day in not so productive tracting. As I came home I was pretty discouraged and not feeling so great. We finished planning and everything then I went to our room and started praying and talked with Heavenly Father, and told Him how I am willing to accept His timing and His will for me, even if that means being an Abinadi missionary while in the New Castle West Area, and here is the amazing thing about that night.... nothing happened, Heavenly Father let me continue to be bummed out, but the next morning I got the feeling to look at a talk by Elder Maxwell called "But for a Small Moment" that I had a copy of, as I read it, it really helped me refocus and help me understand my current situation more; however I took a lot bigger lesson from that, even though we offer up prayers and we have been promised that whatsoever thing we ask it will be given to us, it doesn't always mean that it will come in the exact way or time that we expected it to. Sometimes Heavenly Father will let our faith be tried a little bit and let us learn patience before He will give bless us with what we need, but we can always be rest assured that He always will do what is best for us eternally even if we may not be able to see it from our limited perspective of mortality. 

I know Jesus Christ is the Saviour and Redeemer of the world, He is the Lamb of God, and when we do turn to Him we can feel peace and healing. As we trust in our Heavenly Father we will find the strength to endure through all the storms of life, and we ill have the perspective to enjoy them cheerfully. I know that our choice ultimately comes down to choosing liberty and eternal life through the Great Mediator of all men or to choose captivity and death through the power of the devil. 

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