Monday, December 30, 2013

November 25, 2013

This week was a great week in the New Castle West area, of this little corner of the Ohio Cleaveland Mission.
 Monday we had an awesome suprise, of having a wonderful sister in the ward to feed us, and she invited her non member daughter and son in law to the dinner as well and so we had a powerful opportunity to bear testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what it can do in our lives, I wish I could say that following that they both wanted to investigate but alas twas not to be so at this time; however God's plan is to work as it will.
 On Wendesday morning we had a second lesson with one of our investigators, Phil, who is the husband and father of a returning member family. Before the lesson I was quite nervous for no apparent reason about the lesson, at first the lesson started kinda rough and didn't feel like it was flowing real well. I would llike to say that about half way in everything just started flowing real smooth and nice but to be honest the entire lesson was kind of rough, however the Spirit was definintly there, and that is all us missionaries are suppossed to do is create an enviroment wherein the Spirit can testify of the truth of what we teach. 
 Fiday Elder Tollefsen and I got a wonderful lesson in sacraficing for the Gospel. As it is getting close to the end of the month Elder Tollefsen and myself have been running quite short on miles to drive around with, and so we choose to bike everywhere on Friday, unfortunatly the weather thought it would be funny to rain, all day long, and drop down to the lovely low 30's for most of the day, as I was biking the only thought that kept popping into my head though was "my pioneer anscestors don't feel sorry for me at all" so it was an excellent learning opportunity to experience what it means to sacrafice for the sake of the Gospel.
 I am very grateful to have the opportunity to serve in the Ohio Cleaveland Mission, a mission is definitley one of the greatest expereince of my life, I know with absolute certainty that God is our loving Heavenly Father that He knows each one of us perfectly and completly and loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour and Redeemer of the world and that as we seek to draw closer to Him we will find the happiness that is not dependent upon external factors or circumstance but we will be able to find a lasting joy that comes from knowing we our children of loving heavenly parents with a divine potential and an eternal destiny. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is  the only church on the earth that has the fulness of the Gospel and has the priesthood authority nessecary to perform the ordinaces that are required for the Atonement to take full effect in our lives and allow us to return to our heavenly home.

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